Forensic Mental Health

Career Opportunities

There is a rapidly growing need for a skilled workforce in Forensic Mental Health both in Australia and internationally. In New South Wales, Forensic Mental Health Services are largely provided by The Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network (JH&FMHN), who will require additional suitably qualified staff for the foreseeable future.

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists provides advanced two-year training in Forensic Psychiatry for Psychiatric registrars.

There are also career opportunities in private practice in Forensic Mental Health in the areas of health, law and criminology. Other stakeholders include government bodies such as Corrections, Community Services, Fire Brigade, and the Police Force. Further opportunities can be found in the judiciary, legal agencies, and the Attorney-General’s department. Juvenile Justice and District Mental Health Services provide additional employment.

The Master of Forensic Mental Health program is a knowledge-based degree which builds onto the disciplines of psychiatry, medicine, nursing, law, criminology, psychology, occupational therapy, and social work.