Forensic Mental Health

Forensic Mental Health Program

Program Objectives and Graduate Attributes

The Forensic Mental Health Program provides an opportunity for a comprehensive training in forensic mental health. It covers the theoretical and practical aspects of criminal civil, child and family forensic mental health sub-speciality. It is designed to provide training, skills and expertise required in the forensic mental health workplace both in the private and public arena. It can be undertaken on a part-time (two year) basis. The program is designed for mental health professionals including medical practitioners, nurses, psychologists, and social workers. The program is also open to members of the legal profession and correctional staff.

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Program Offerings

Graduate Certificate in Forensic Mental Health (7312)

  • 4 courses (24UoC)               
    • 2 Core (12 UoC)
    • 2 Elective (12 UoC)

See UNSW Handbook entry for Graduate Certificate

Graduate Diploma in Forensic Mental Health (5512)   

  • 6 courses (36UoC)               
    • 3 Core (18 UoC)
    • 3 Elective (18 UoC)

See UNSW Handbook entry for Graduate Diploma

Masters in Forensic Mental Health (9012)

  • 8 courses (48UoC)
    • 4 Core (24 UoC)
    • 4 Elective (24 UoC)

See UNSW Handbook entry for Masters

Program Structure

The Masters of Forensic Mental Health will be awarded on completion of 48 units of credit (UOC). Students must complete 24 UOC in core courses, and 24 UOC of electives offered by the School of Psychiatry.

Core Courses:

  • PSCY9901 Law and Mental Health (6 UOC)

  • PSCY9902 Psychiatry and Criminal Law (6 UOC)

  • PSCY9903 Violence (6 UOC)

  • PSCY9904 Administration, Instiutions & Services (6 UOC)

Candidates without a clinical background are required to undertake the following course in place of one elective:

  • PSCY9911 Mental Disorders, Personality Disorders & Crime (6 UOC)

Elective courses:

  • PSCY9911 Mental Disorders, Personality Disorders & Crime (6 UOC)

  • PSCY9912 Substance Use Problems and Offending (6 UOC)

  • PSCY9913 Disordered & Criminal Sexual Behaviour (6 UOC)

  • PSCY9914 Families, Children & Adolescent Forensic Psychiatry (6 UOC)

  • PSCY9915 Civil Law in Relation to Psychiatry (6 UOC)


Pre-approved elective courses from the School of Public Health and Community Medicine

  • PHCM9132 Applied Research Methods for Public Health
  • PHCM9498 Epidemiology & Statistics for Public Health
  • PHCM9632 Indigenous Health & Wellbeing Across the Lifespan
  • PHCM9781 Evidence-informed Decision-making

Note: Students may also identify other appropriate postgraduate courses (e.g. from law, public health, criminology, psychology) however these courses would need to be approved by the course convenors.


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Course Offerings



Term 1, 2020

PSCY9904 Administration, Institutions and Service

PSCY9914 Families, Children & Adolescent Forensic Psychiatry


Term 2, 2020

PSCY9911 Mental Disorders, Personality Disorders & Crime


Term 3, 2020

PSCY9901 Law & Mental Health

PSCY9912 Substance Use Problems and Offending



PSCY9913 Criminal & Disordered Sexual Behaviour

PSCY9911 Mental Disorders, Personality Disorders & Crime

PSCY9902 Psychiatry and Criminal Law

PSCY9903 Violence

PSCY9915 Civil Law in Relation to Psychiatry

PSCY9917 Unusual Behaviours and Special Group